After era bottled drinking water, reverse osmosis water systems become new comer to solve water contamination problem. Money people become fans and talking about advantage reverse osmosis with their couple, neighbour, family or friend. Reverse osmosis water systems become artist and famous.

Reverse Osmosis water systems have micron filter which can remove all particle, patogen organism or contaminats with the size bigger than water molecule. Black colour of dringking coffe filtered with reverse osmosis become pure colour of water, no coffe aroma, and no coffe taste. Many people believe what they look, what they smell, and what they taste make people sure the capability or reverse osmosis water filter to pure the water from contaminants.

Reverse osmosis water filter become popular choice for the people to remove contaminants from water. Many type reverse osmosis water systems produced with many water filter factory industry. In America very easy to found reverse osmosis water filter in the store. This product available in many type such as tap water filter, head shower water softening systems, chlorine water filter, or whole house water filters

Now reverse osmosis water systems is not the best method to remove all contaminants from the water. This the fact about reverse osmosis water filter:

  • Micron filter remove mineral and contaminant with size bigger than water molecule. This methode make importants minerals for your body like calium calcium, zink, or the other also remoe from the water. Water like this is not good from your bady because just give H2O but not give imporants mineral which your body needed.
  • Contaminants with size smaller than reverse osmsosis micron filter such as VOC, THM, MTBE, prescription drug can’t be remove from the water with reverse osmosis method.
  • To filtered all type of contaminants need multi stage water filter, just using reverse osmsosis water systems can’t save your body from all of dangerous water contaminants.

From now on, thinks again if you sure if reverse osmosis water systems this is best water filter to remove all bad material from your water. Invest your money to buy multi stage water filter systems which can protect you and your family health in the future. Do the research about contaminants and water filter to give you ammunition for finding the best water filter.