The kids grew up, moved away, and your home seemed huge again for a while. Then they started bringing the grandkids to stay, which you love, but once again your house feels a little bit crowded and like you could do with an extra room sometimes.

One way of gaining that all important extra space, without upping sticks and moving house with all the costs of solicitors bills and the hassle of the move itself, is to add a conservatory to your home. Conservatories add extra space quickly and easily without lessening the light that comes into a room. Because of the nature of a conservatory, as long as you meet the various rules and regulations that exist, it’s rare to need planning permission to add one to your home, unlike when you build a full extension.


They’re also cheaper to have built, and they generally go up much more quickly. The lower half can be made of bricks or wood, and the whole thing can be built to fit in with the look of your existing home with very little break in your routine and much less mess than adding an extension would bring.

The extra space that you get from adding a conservatory can be used in many ways. Some people choose to use them as an extra sitting area – a sun lounge if you will; a place to sit in comfort and enjoy the sunshine without having to worry about carting comfortable seating in and out, and with no risks of rain or worry about the wind. Alternatively conservatories can be used for all sorts of other purposes. They can be somewhere to eat a nice meal, a sewing room or office, or even as a space to hang your washing in the sunshine without risk of it getting wet.

In the winter, a conservatory acts as an extra barrier against the cold weather, keeping the cold out of the main rooms of your house, and helping you to keep your home warm and the heating bills down.

The room doesn’t have to lay dormant in the winter months either. By the simple addition of a radiator or other heater, you can have a room which is just as useable during the colder months as any other room in your home, and one which lets you get the full benefit of any winter sunshine that may shine down on your home too.

In addition to all this, adding a conservatory to your home will add value to it as well. You’ll be happy knowing that you’re not spending the kids inheritance because the house value will increase and so will the saleability of your home too.